Jillian Horan

Jill joined SKT early 2019. Jill is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Alongside teaching children of all background, Jill also working with kids with disabilities and loves children and engages at a deep level, encouraging and enabling them be confident and learn enjoyably. Jill runs animal workshop for kids (both young and old) and enjoys singing and meditation.

Rickert Marais

Rickert and his wife Christy joined SKT in August 2018. Passionate about education, Rickert enjoys getting to know his students and making sure he listens to what they need and teaches in a style appropriate to each individual student. Rickert is very personable and is immediately liked by all.

Richard Giles

Rik has been part of SKT since early 2018. He’s fantastic with children and they really enjoy being taught by him. He makes lessons fun and learning easy. Rik is also a whiz with Computer Science and is always tinkering away with gadgets and programs. An all round lovely teacher.